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are your meetings wasting everyone's time?

Meetings account for 6 hours of the average employee’s week, amounting to $4B a year worth of employee time.

More and more meetings are going digitalThe conveniences and advantages of web conferencing software are undeniable.

But running an effective online meeting is different from doing so in-person, and that’s why many are run suboptimally.

You can't run meetings like you used to. 
When shifting to a virtual setting, many meeting leaders simply try to use the same skills and techniques they’d use for an in-person meeting. 
As a result, remote meetings tend to face a common set of obstacles 
that hamper collaboration and productivity.
People Multitasking
In one survey, 85% of respondents admitted to “regularly” checking emails and 
surfing the web during conference calls. 
Distracting Background Noises
It’s typical to hear a barking dog or a loud vacuum that throws everyone off and 
derails a meeting’s progress.
Technical Glitches
Participants and leaders alike tend to struggle with conferencing software, 
wasting valuable meeting time figuring out how to share their screen or go off mute. 
From awkwardness over who speaks next to the inability to read nonverbal cues, 
problems arise during online meetings that prevent participants from freely 
communicating like they would in the conference room. 

As stated by the
"Virtual meetings can be MORE valuable than traditional face-to-face meetings."

...but most people don't know how to run them.

That’s why we’ve created a training course that empowers leaders of online meetings. 
Not just to make them less painful and awkward, 
but to make them TRULY OUTSTANDING. 
Now, more than ever
are essential.
I’m Howard Tiersky, and I’ve spent the last 20 years leading in-person and virtual meetings. In fact, I even run a meeting facility in New York City that’s designed for effective collaboration. I recently wrote the Amazon #1 Bestseller Impactful Online Meetings with my colleague Heidi Wisbach

But the truth is, I could only fit a small portion of what I’ve learned in the book. That’s why I’ve developed a deep-dive training course that expands on the knowledge in the book and gives you all the tips and secrets you need to run an impactful meeting. 

I want to share my knowledge of running and facilitating effective online meetings. I want to ensure the success of YOUR virtual working sessions.

  • Your team will start every meeting with a clear understanding of its purpose.
  • ​You and your meeting participants will have a fantastic mindset and attitude, with everyone possessing a shared sense of urgency and excitement about achieving a shared goal. 
  • ​You will be able to lead meetings with content that keeps people engaged and delivers the necessary information without overwhelming participants.
  • ​Your team members will be actively participating and engaged for the duration of the meeting.
  • ​By the end of every meeting, you and your team will feel like you’ve accomplished something.
-Howard Tiersky


Certification COURSE
How will this training turn you into AN ONline meeting superstar? 
We will coach you through our 5-step process:

Presenting & 

Using Technology
Following Up

Here's the Breakdown of Everything You Will Get

Impactful Online Meetings Course
This course will teach you how to host lively, engaging meetings and equip you with techniques and tools to make the most out of everyone's time.
It will teach you how to OVERCOME all of the barriers and pain points that get in the way of having a great meeting, from planning to follow-up. 
24/7 cloud access to 40 training videos through a password-protected online learning system. These videos go in depth on the 5 stages of meetings:
  • Planning a Remote Meeting: How to outline the purpose and agenda, define and assign key roles, establish rules and etiquette, and more!
  • Presenting & Facilitating: How to kick off the meeting, connect with the participants, and facilitate discussion
  • ​Technology: Covers the 5 most common platforms, equipment, connectivity, environment, and participant preparation 
  • ​Creating Engagement: What tactics you can use – from music to games to polls to virtual break out groups
  • ​Documenting & Following Up: Best practices for capturing the meeting, assessing its effectiveness, and assigning action items

Additionally, you will receive support materials to the videos: 
  • Transcripts of All Videos: Time stamped and searchable for quick and easy reference to subtopics
  • ​​Training Session Audio Files: MP3s for those on the go or podcast enthusiasts
  • ​PowerPoint Slide: Receive a copy of the learning material used throughout the video training for reference and to generate discussion with others.
Platform Specific FEATUREs Guide
Learn how to apply these techniques within your specific virtual meeting software platform: 
  • Platform Feature Matrix: Outlines the specific capabilities and features of the 5 most popular conferencing platforms: Zoom, GoToMeeting, Google Hangouts, WebEx, and Microsoft Teams.
  • ​Video Tutorials: Reviews key facilitation features for each of the 5 platforms, going more in depth on how to set up and access their key features as both presenter and meeting host.
  • ​Secret Workaround Guide: Trying to do something, but your platform doesn't have that feature? These tricks will enable you to add capabilities to your platform and even do things that are not offered by any conferencing platform.
Implementation TOOLS
To make sure you have EVERYTHING you need to implement these techniques, we’re also including the following 'power tools':
  • Magic Agenda Planner: An Excel-based agenda template with prebuilt formulas to help you optimize the timing of your meeting.
  • ​Do I need a Meeting? Decision Tool: A flowchart to help you think through if you need a meeting, and if so, what type of meeting.
  • ​​Pre-flight Checklist: 10 Key questions you must ask yourself before EVERY meeting to ensure your success.
  • ​​15 Professional Virtual Backgrounds: Achieve a professional look on camera – even in a cluttered environment.
  • ​Meeting Minutes Template: Use this, along with a bonus guide to best practices, to ensure effective note-taking.
  • ​​Guide to Slide Creation: Follow these essential principles and templates to create slides that work well for any virtual meeting.
  • ​50 Guaranteed Icebreakers: Predesigned slides with instructions for 50 quick and fun activities to keep your team engaged, help them get to know each other better and lighten the mood.
  • ​25 Inspiring Videos: The right video clip can be a powerful tool to get your team focused, inspired, or just entertained. We've curated and categorized over 25 YouTube videos perfect for this, in one easy-to-use PowerPoint deck.
  • ​Our Spotify Playlists: We always kick off meetings with energizing music and have other tracks we use for contemplative exercises. We're giving you access to our playlists – the songs we find work best.
We also provide you with bonus support to ensure success:

While you’re getting intensive training, it can be helpful for your meeting participants to receive their own to ensure successful participation:
  • A short video explaining how to access key features on your company’s platform (joining, using chat, etc.)
  • An entertaining 3-minute animated video reviewing Meeting etiquette
  • Our guide to remote training tools with recommendations for headsets, webcams, and more.
Support for 

Access to a private facebook group with Howard and Heidi, other members of their team, and fellow trainees where you can ask questions and receive support as you go through your training.

Monthly webinars for additional support, questions, and advice.

Plus a FREE 15-minute introductory coaching call to get you started as you embark on the course.
Certification &

After you complete the course, challenge yourself and prove your knowledge with a comprehensive online test. 

You will also receive a Certificate of Achievement that’s useful to add to a resumé or to demonstrate your completion of the course to others within your company.

Are you ready to get started?

You need for impactful online meetings!
  • Certification Course ($1399 Value)
  • Videos ($1199 Value)
  • PowerPoints ($85 Value)
  • Transcripts ($65 Value)
  • ​Audio Files ($50 Value)
  • Platform Guide & Implementation Tools ($500 Value)
  • ​​​Platform Feature Matrix ($75 Value)
  • Platform ​Video Tutorials ($100 Value)
  • ​Secret Workaround Guide ($75 Value)
  • ​Magic Agenda Planner ($25 Value)
  • ​Do I need a Meeting? Decision Tool ($15 Value)
  • ​​Pre-flight Checklist ($15 Value)
  • ​15 Professional Virtual Backgrounds ($30 Value)
  • ​Meeting Minutes Template ($25 Value)
  • ​Guide to Slide Creation & Template ($75 Value)
  • ​Spotify Music Playlists ($10 Value)
  • 50 PowerPoint Slides for Icebreakers ($30 Value)
  • ​25 Inspiring Videos ($25 Value)
  • Tools to Train Your Participants ($300 Value)
  • ​Unlimited Support ($450 Value)
  • ​Testing & Certification ($150 Value)
Total Value: $4,574
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